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Welcome Home to the U.S.A.

July, 1969, The Old Reliables return to the USA through Seattle.

The 9th Infantry Division (The Old Reliables) is welomed home to America in Seattle. (see below for identifications)


The 3rd Battalion, 60th Infantry, of the "Old Reliables" (9th Infantry Division) arrived in Seattle on July 8, 1969. They were met by Army Chief of Staff Westmoreland .  Hoping to recreate the patriotism and civic welcomes that he created for Welcome Lane and the Korean War veterans in 1951-53, Jack Gordon (behind the podium with a white nametag) arranged a parade and civic welcome, shown here at the main downtown branch of the library. The Battalion was honored by the Chamber of Commerce with a baked salmon dinner.

Unfortunately, the times were different than they were in the early 50's and a large number of malcontents, college students, and other troublemakers decided that rather than honoring the returning men for their service it was more fun to insult the soldiers and clog up the freeways.

The soldier standing at attention to the right of the girl wearing the crown has been identified as Sgt. Harold Bly. "Sgt. Bly was my platoon sgt. (3rd platoon, B company, 3/60th Inf.) He was one of the best platoon sgt.'s in the M.R.F. and was recognized as one of the most decorated men in the division," according to Harold Hector, 1Lt. B Co. 3/60.

More information on the 9th Infantry from World War I through to the present used to be found at their website (www.9thinfdivsociety.org). However this site appears to have been abandoned and any help relating to a current site would be appreciated.







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