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Singer Kay Stevens Welcomed Back
2 Seattle Soldiers home from Korea 


From either the Post-Intelligencer or the Times, from very early in December, 1952*, are these two photos and descriptions.


Greater Seattle's G.I. Queen Kay Stevens, Jack Gordon, and Jackie Souders

A DOUBLE GREETING: Seattle welcomed 3,162 troops who arrived from the Far East yesterday aboard the Navy transport Marine Lynx. Not all the welcoming was reserved for the soldiers. Kay Stevens, singer, was welcomed back as a favorite entertainer at the ceremonies for the returning Korean veterans. Miss Stevens had been gravely injured in a traffic accident last August. Jackie Souders, left, orchestra leader, and Jack Gordon, master of ceremonies at the troop welcomings, named her "G. I. Queen."


Greater Seattle's G.I. Queen Kay Stevens, Jack Gordon, and Jackie Souders

SEATTLE SOLDIERS: Corp. Jesse J. Hughes, left, and Corp. Charles R. Myers were Seattleites amomg the 3,162 passengers aboard the Marine Lynx, which arrived here yesterday. Hughes, 24, served in the Infantry in Korea. Myers, 23, was a medical corpsman at a prisoner-of-war camp. The transport was the 137th to arrive in Seattle with rotation troops from the Far East. A total of 174,717 rotation troops now have returned through Seattle.


* The articles were cut from the paper so there was no identifying material. Datelines on the reverse side were of December 1 and there was a photo of the new 1953 Lincoln Capri leading me to date this as early December, 1952.








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