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Jack Gordon


An early picture of Jack with his RASW Staff. Standing are Jack, Joe Lavin, Yvonne Buren, Patti Maxwell, and Elaine Richardson. Seated are _________________, __________________ and Corky Mortimer. Joe Lavin had served as Executive Director for the State Class H Association for a number of years prior to merging that association and the Washington State Restaurant Association into the RASW.  Here's an early picture of some of the Class H group.

Chuck Hord, Elston Ireland, Kristi Lee

Here's the WSRA Assistant Exec Chuck Hord and Kristi Lee with Elston Ireland, one of Portland's famed restaurateurs.

RASW's Wilma Clapp

RASW's Wilma Clapp receiving the United Way award on behalf of the entire staff.


RASW staff

This happy bunch of RASW Staff includes Elaine Richardson, ________, Patti Maxwell,
 unknown woman, unknown man, and Corky Mortimer in the center.
Photo by "Bob Miller of Seattle"


Helen Engard

Director Jerry Craig of Olympia and RASW Staffer Kristi Lee

Here's Kristi Lee listening to Jerry Craig, a director from Olympia.


RASW's Joyce Steckler and Carol Hunter

An undated but probably late '60s Restaurant Convention picture (notice that the phone has a dial not buttons).
These Association women are Joyce Steckler (standing) and Carol Hunter (seated).
Photo by Stearns, Seattle


"We're Glad You're Here!"

September 1972 saw the National Restaurant Association kick off their "We're Glad you're Here!" campaign
RASW's Elaine Richardson got to celebrate the event with dinner at Victor Rosellini's Four-10
Photo by Bob Miller, Seattle


Yes, You may have a final cigarette

I can only imagine what these poor women were lined up for. It had to be more fun than this to wortk for Jack Gordon.


These three photographs were found pasted on a sheet of cardboard along with notes to "Newman Burroughs" for 1 print and a blue line. I'm assuming that these were their "official photographs" for use in the Restaurant News Magazine.
Yvonne Buren, RASW, Seattle
I don't know her name This is Corky Mortimer. And here's Yvonne Buren

Jack Gordon, Debbie O'Connor, Mary Ann Miller, and Tracy Alishio setting up the trophies at
the Restaurant Association Gold Tournament.

Mary Jane Minson

Here's Mary Jane Minson.

Patti Maxwell
Well, they're a happy bunch. It's Patti Maxwell checking in and a restaurant guy filling out the form.


It's Golf Time

Kristi Lee, Elaine Richardson, and  Patti Maxwell soaking up the sun at an RASW Golf Tournament at Overlake Country Club in Bellevue.

Yet another RASW Staff Christmas Shot

For either 1976 or 1977, the RASW staff posed for Christmas.
Back Row is Patti Maxwell, Yvonne Buren, Mary Rice, Elaine Richardson, and Kristi Lee.
Front row are Charles Noble,  _______________________-, Barbara Griffiths, and Jack Gordon.
Photo by John E Walker, Seattle.


Gordon and staff

Here Jack is talking with a couple of his RASW Staff, Barbara Griffiths and Kelly Gunderson.
There were plenty of chances to dress formally with lots of Jack Gordon Productions.


Here's RASW's bookkeeper Carol Wright at a golf tournament.


Jack Gordon, Debbie O'Connor, Mary Ann Miller, and Tracy Alishio setting up the trophies at
the Restaurant Association Golf Tournament.


Undated RASW Christmas photo.
Back Row (l to r) John Gordon, Jack Gordon, ____ Murphy, Chas G Hord, Charles Noble
Sitting on chairs are Gina Provancha, Wendy _______, Carol Wright, Linda Johnston Mcintosh
On the floor Debbie O'Connor, Barbara Murphy, Mary Pederson


Linda Johnston McIntosh and Tracy Fortier taking a needed break
while working at the Portland Restaurant Convention during the late 1980s

Mary at Stuart Anderson's

Judging from the costume, RASW's Mary Pederson was at one of the summer board meetings at
Stuart Anderson's Ranch midway between Cle Elum and Ellensburg

Jack and Charles Noble, RASW VP of Marketing, come up with a plan for who's going to be in the Restaurant Show.
Here's Charles and his lovely wife Geraldine after the successful show. Charles passed away on March 22, 2015

Chuck Hord, a/k/a Chas. G on the Conventions page
Kristi Lee on the Conventions page


Bill Sears

I'm sure I'll come up with larger pictures of Bill Sears.

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