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Montana State Honor Day, April 28, 1962

Washington State Flag Plaza of the States Fire Font of Unity Montana State Flag
Montana Governor Tim Babcock and Host Washington State Governor Albert D. Rosellini.

Exclusive photo from Greater Seattle News Bureau.
Photo by Forde Photographers

Montana Governor Tim Babcock (left) is presented a replica of the plaque found at the base of the Montana Flag pole by host Washington Governor Albert D. Rosellini. The event was Montana Honor Day in the Plaza of the States at the Seattle World's Fair, April 28. A copy of the plaque is shown below.


Montana State Plaque from the Century 21 Plaza of the States, Seattle

The printed information card that was mounted at the base of each state's flag pole.


The day's schedule for Governor Babcock and party.


Crowds Cheer for Two Governors

Photo of Montana Day by Ron De Rosa of the Seattle Times

Times photo by Ron De Rosa

MONTANA DAY: The crowd cheered yesterday as Governor Rosellini met Montana Gov. Tim Babcock in the Plza of the States at the World's fair.

Montana State Day Commemorative Cover

A souvenir cover cancelled on Montana State Honor Day at Century 21.

The Seattle Times, April 29, 1962

Montana Flag Raised


Other Montanans looked on in Plaza of the States ceremonies

Montanans took over the World's Fair yesterday. It was their state's honor day. They made the most of it.

They sang and applauded vigorously at the flag-raising ceremony in the Plaza of the States.

THEIR GOVERNOR, Tim Babcock, said:

"We are extremely proud to see Montana's flag flying here. We hope it serves as a constant reminder to all that Montana bids them a a warm and gracious welcome.

"Come see us often!" Babcock concluded.

The official Montana party then had lunch aboard the Navy cruiser Helena, named for the Montana capital, at Pier 91.

The Flathead High School Band of Kalispell spoofed the cool weather by playing, "Walking in a Winter Wonderland."

Joanna Lester of Missoula, as Miss Montana, and Judy Morstein of Butte, as Miss Montana Rodeo, added to the beauty of the fair.

BENNY REYNOLDS, 1961 world champion cowboy from Montana, was introduced at the flag ceremony. He seemed embarrassed without his horse.

A Whitefish Winter Carnival troupe, featuring a collection of improbable creatures such as an abominable snowman, penguins and goats, entertained.

Clark Mason, manager of the Kalispell Chamber of Commerce, gave Governor Babcock "the world's only fur-bearing rainbow trout."

"Caught it through 58 feet of ice at 8,500 feet in Glacier National Park," Mason said.

It was a gag, of course: Part trout and part Florida bobcat fur. But Chicago newsmen bit some time back, wrote a straight-faced report and were almost laughed out of the windy city.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, April 29, 1962, Page 1

Cowboys Put Montana Brand On Fair Gaiety

Treasure Staters Honored

Montanans roped and tied the Seattle World's Fair yesterday, broke it to harness, then branded it with their flaming state pride.

Armed with buttons and brochures, the Montanans converged on the fairgrounds and let 'er rip with a marching band, choristers, cowboys and clowns.

—(Post-Intelligencer Photo by Cory Tolman.)

Montanans Have Big Day

JUDY MORSTEIN (left), Butte, Miss Rodeo Montana; Benny Reynolds, Melrose, Mont., World's Champion Ail-Around Cowboy for 1961, and Joanna Lester, Missoula, Miss Montana, take part in Montana Day festivities at the Fair.

And the Treasure State sent along some of its treasure in Joanna Lester, of Missoula, who is Miss Montana, and Judy Morstein of Butte, Miss Rodeo Montana.

HEADING THE state's official party was Gov. Tim Babcock, accompanied by Rear Adm. Edgar Reeder, in full naval uniform, identified at a press conference as the governor's naval attache. Asked why the governor of the land-locked state of Montana needs a naval attache, an aid replied:

"Flathead Lake is the largest fresh water lake west of the Great Lakes."

For added emphasis, the cruiser Helena, named after the state's capital, lay at anchor in Elliott Bay.

Admiral Reeder's primary Job, actually, is director of Montana' s Unemployment Compensation Commission.

THE HEART of the Montana Day observance was the Plaza of States, where hundreds of Montanans gathered, wearing large yellow buttons with blue inscriptions reading: "I'm From Montana . . . The Big Sky Country." As a tip-off to the pride Montanans have in their home state, many persons knew the words to the state song, played by the Flathead High School Band from Kalispell. Many joined in a sing-along with the band:

"Montana, Montana, Glory of the West
Of All the States from Coast to Coast
You're Easily the Best.
Montana, Montana, the Skies Are Always Blue.
Montana, I love you."

GOV. BABCOCK said that the impact of the World's Fair has already been felt in reservation requests at the state's Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks. He predicted that the majority of the state's residents will visit the fair before it concludes.

Turning political, the governor noted that many former Montanans are now Washington State residents.

"While I'm here, I'm going to try to re-establish their Montana voting rights," he declared. As the dark blue and gold Montana state flag was raised on the staff of honor at the Plaza a stiff breeze, like a wind sweeping,off the prairie, rattled the flagpoles and all of the Plaza's flags snapped sharply, as though in salute to the honored state.

FOLLOWING THE ceremony, the official party had lunch aboard the Helena, which fired a 19-gun salute as the dignitaries left for an afternoon appearance in Memorial Stadium.

There fairgoers were entertained by the Flathead High School Band, the Rocky Mountain College Choir and the Whitefish, Mont., Winter Carnival Troupe, composed of clowns, human penguins, goats and even "yetties," a Montana version of the abominable snowman.

It was Montana day at the fair and it provided for visitors a rich bonus, which hadn't been included in the advance ticket book.

Montana Choir Captivates Fair Crowd

Photo of Rocky Mountain College Choir at Montana Day by Seattle Post-Intelligencer photog.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer photo

ROCKY MOUNTAIN College Choir of Billings, directed by Bob Lawson, performs at Plaza of the States ceremony, one of many varied events in which Montana had its data-layout at Seattle World's Fair. Dark blue and gold Montana state flag was raised on staff of honor at Plaza.

Rear Adm. Edgar Reeder, 1962

—(Post-Intelligencer Photo)

Rear Adm. Edgar Reeder in Full Dress
Naval Attache in Land-Locked Montana

 Gov. Rosellini and Babcock at Seattle World's Fair

—(Post-Intelligencer Photo)

Gov. Albert D. Rosellini and Gov. Tim Babcock
Montana's Chief Executive Heads Fair Party

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